G.I.F.T. is a strategic turn-based mining game with a singular goal: send the G.I.F.T. to humanity. Earth is running on its last energy reserves and only the Giant Interstellar Flux Transmitter can save humanity. You have been put in command of a team of robots tasked with retrieving the G.I.F.T. for humanity. You will have you build a energy crystal network to supply your own robots and mine for the G.I.F.T., while at the same time also fending off the hostile inhabitants of Planet X. In order to send the G.I.F.T. to humanity, it needs to be supplied with four energy crystal beams from all sides.

G.I.F.T. is the second game developed by Bamimoth Productions. It was made as a submission for the Yogscast Game Jam of 2019. It was made in a weekend, from december 13th 2019 to december 15th 2019. The theme of the game jam was "gift".

Game story