About us

We are a small group of friends with a shared passion: "Creating games that are fun!". We are devoted to creating captivating and entertaining games driven by our passion for game design, problem solving and the creative process. Our dream is to start a commercial game development studio and to pursue our gaming passion projects. Until that day, we will continue to create games in our spare time in the company of great friends!

Meet the team

Ward van der Velden
Mechanical engineer, turned control engineer, turned game engineer

Frank Vollebregt
Programmer extraodinaire, makes sure our coding does not become obscene levels of hideous

Jos Feenstra
Creative mastermind and general game development all-rounder

Nadja Znamenskaja
Pixel-wizard, keeps amazing us with fantastic artwork

Cilia Claij
Puts the points on the 'i', both as a figure of speech and literally