Castle of Liars


Castle of Liars is a puzzle game about solving a murder case. You have been tasked to bring the murderer of the lord and protector of the castle to justice. You must do so by finding out from the castle's inhabitants who murderer the lord, with which weapon and at which location. In order to do so you must find out which of the castle's inhabitants is lying and which ones are telling the truth. You must then bring the suspect murderer to justice through trial by combat.

Castle of Liars is the first game developed by Bamimoth Productions. It was made as a submission for the Community Game Jam of 2019. It was made in a week, from august 24th 2019 to august 31st 2019. The theme of the game jam was "the game is a liar".

Game story

For our first game, it was nice to have a whole week of time, which allowed us to experiment with different functionality, and focus on the story part. The murder mystery is randomly generated each time the game loads, and clues (as well as red herrings) are divided among the different inhabitants of the castle. We really like how the dynamic story-building mechanic of this game came together.